When a demanding and challenging project requires Steel Structure Fabrication, clients turn to our unmatched capabilities to meet their complex design-build requirements. As the recognized industry leader in the fabrication, design, engineering and erection of structural steel throughout the Indonesia, the core priority of our company is to successfully exceed client expectation by focusing innovation, knowledge and commitment on every commercial, industrial and public structure we assemble.

We are steel supplier and structural steel fabrication by providing a dynamic full range of steel material, design, engineering, fabrication and erection services. Our complete in-house capabilities successfully enables fast response, maximum flexibility and complete coordination of all phases of any project. Our clients are assured of a more profitable venture because our comprehensive array of services provides well-managed projects, with better quality, predictability, and cost efficiency. We utilize equipment to handle all aspects of steel fabrication, as well as the application of the sophisticated painting and coatings so crucial.


Asia Multi Perkasa Services are committed to meeting the highest quality standards without compromising our safety culture.


At our company, we respect the customer’s time and schedule and always complete the projects on timely fashion way.


Asia Multi Perkasa began working by differentiating themselves from other competitors as a provider of integrated engineering solutions.


our mission

Our mission statement is to provide all clients with a quality product; delivered on time, at a competitive price and in a safe and efficient manner.

our vision

With audited Quality Management, leading edge technology and the latest in fabrication equipment, we committed to providing our customers with the highest quality product.

Safety Assurance

With careful consideration of safety, quality and cost; AMP has proven it's ability to compete with the province's best in the fabrication industry.